Beginner’s Piano

When I enrolled my son in a piano school, I’ve decided to buy a beginners piano for him so that he can easily practice at home. Also, it will be a chance for him to mingle with other kids as I homeschooled him. Anyway, he learned from those short lessons but it seems that he’s too young that time. The beginner’s piano that I gave him still in service until now and sometimes he will play with it. It’s a nice brand that’s why it lasted for a long time.


For me, there is no other place to buy the guitars that I want than at guitarcenter. I owed or I need to replace this music instrument more than 30 years ago from my father. Why? That’s because I broke his electric guitar when I was 5 – 6 years old. I was a tough toddler back then. Remembering those days, I can say that I need to replace this guitar so that my father will be happy. I know he will love this piece of music instrument. I’ll just apologize that it took me so long to replace it. I know he will understand.

Green caterpillar

I do love caterpillars especially this kind. The skin of this one was smooth and this was not scary at all. Anyway, I tried to feed this one in a big plastic bottle but then I just let it go and I did not know if it turned into a butterfly or the birds ate it.

You are in charge

What is the connection of smiling with the absence of other people? Did they bring someone’s lips with they are far away? Well, you know a thought is just a thought, and anyone can always change a thought into positive if a person needs to smile and want to be happy. If a person cares for herself/himself, s/he can be happy and can smile anytime in any day s/he wants. Do not base your happiness with anyone or anything in the world because if you do you will just in up miserable. You are the only in charge of your own happiness.

Life is beautiful

Yes indeed! Life is still beautiful despite there are many hardships. With prayers and faith, there will be some sparkles and sunshine in the midst of uncertainties. Being awake every morning is itself a blessing to life. I am grateful for it. There are many things to be thankful for instead of whining on just some things. Sigh!

Pooh bear

I do love cartoon shows now that I am a mother. I appreciate it so much as there are many good lessons (for both adults and kids). Watching cartoon shows every day will always make my day. My kids love these shows and so I must love all of these shows too.

My new computer

The computer that I am using is less than a year old. I hope that this will serve me for a long time. I have tried many Windows computers already and the next time that I will have a new one, I will try to buy apple computers. I will test if the one that they are saying that apple computers are safer than windows. Until then, I need to save more so that I can buy the highest apple computer that I love. YEAH!

Hoping n praying for the best

I am hoping to have a better blogging life next year and the years to come. For this year, I am not that receiving many offers compared the previous years of me joining the blogosphere. Even though I experience as such but I am thankful for all the blessings, I have got. So, I am praying for the best!

Exchanging pillows

They are now exchanging pillows – the bb girl has the big pillow and the boy has the small pillow. It is not advisable for the girl to have the big pillow since her crib is so small. The boy is complaining because he said that he wants the big pillow and now he is roaming around. I hope they will sleep in a while as it is almost 11pm already. Sigh, kids have ample of energy for them to stay awake almost 24hours. But me, I am low energy already and I need to sleep to recharge myself.

Perfect guy or eat without getting fat?

This is a hilarious joke from an unknown author – “Every guy thinks every girl’s dream is to find the perfect guy… pshh, every girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat”.  Somewhat this is true.  It is easy to eat and get fat but it is so hard to lose weight even just a pound.  Well, I hope all girls will be sexy for life.