Bless and heal me oh God

It’s not how much we give, but how much LOVE we put into giving. – Mother Teresa

You know Lord God that I love giving. You can see it in my heart. Please heal me and all of me so that I can receive more of your blessings and so that I can be a blessing to other people especially my own families. Thank you, FATHER GOD for healing me. Without your provision, I am nothing, and my stay on earth is useless. I want to be an asset to you, and I want to be your good worker. Please be with me on this life’s journey. Heal my life and whatever things that separates me from you. Thank you, Father God! I love you so much!`

Lia is launching the first-ever flushable pregnancy test

Even though there are many naysayers about climate change and global warming and insist these changes are due to the earth going through cycles, there also is evidence of climate change. Things like the increase and severity of hurricanes, flooding, extremely hot temperatures in late September in eastern North America all point to climate Read the rest of this entry »

Before your car purchase, consider using

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Aquarian drum heads

There are times that when buying something, you have to consider the quality and you will not care about the prices. Though if the price is cheaper but the quality is good, then that will be an awesome thing to have. But there are times that you won’t care about the price for as long as the product is made with quality which is similar to these aquarian drum heads at I’ve know many musicians who loves this brand. Are you one of the persons who love Aquarian?

Will make roll address labels

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Congrats to Melanin Goddess – Khoudia Diop

What is wrong with people bullying others because of their looks? Why are they so concerned with physical appearance? We are all the same as we have mind, body and soul from the God that we believed in. We are here on earth to work with what God wants us to do for other people and not bully or discriminate others. Anyway, about bullying, look at this girl who is now a model after being bulled many times because of having dark skin. You bullies, who’s laughing now? God will always lift up those who’s being dragged and put down by imperfect human beings. Congratulations to Khoudia Diop – the melanin goddess. Girl you are beautiful inside and out! God made you so!

For more of her story, visit this yahoo link –

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Convenience of Mobile technology

Mobile technology is quite simply fascinating. Our smart phones help keep us organized, promising personal assistants like Siri and Cortana, and can even tell us when our heart rate gets too high.

We now have virtual personal assistants in our home who can do everything from order pizza to playing our favorite music to setting a timer for dinner.

But, has all this technology really made our lives simpler? How has this mobile-movement affected our day to lives and is it really a positive? Is the ability to handle all things personal and professional via a smartphone or tablet our new best friend or angry foe?

In other words, are smartphones still making us dumb and insensitive? Is this constant connection to the internet helping or hindering us a species?

We no longer have to look at our phones to read texts or emails because now our watches sync directly with our phones and give us all the needed information. From business connecting to their consumers, to consumers getting through their daily activities, we seem to have lost that face-to-face contact we as human beings need to survive.

Students can now Google anything they need for a paper, exam, or project and while that is helpful, does that information actually stick? Business owners can mimick business plans with just one click, and parents can stalk their kids on every social media channel possible.

The thing with mobile technology is that we need to be safe and we need to teach safe practices, especially to our youth. Being mobile now means 24/7 access to things like Social Media which has caused a huge uprise in cyberbullying. While it is funny to laugh at someone’s expense, it does not need to be blasted all over Facebook.

The truth is, we needed this mobile movement in order to keep up with our fast-paced life. We just need to throw caution into the wind on how we use it, how often, and when.

Stay fit, healthy, and beautiful all the time!

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Taking care of yourself is a must because where will you live if you will not? This is just once in a lifetime version of you and so you need to stay healthy and beautiful. When you will do it, you will enjoy life and mostly, the people around you especially your love ones will benefit it. There are lots of ways for you to take care of yourself. One of which is to stay fit by exercising, eating healthy foods, and have proper hygiene. Speaking of hygiene, you can easily do that by taking care of your skin, hair and your whole body. When it comes to hair, you can choose the shampoo that will help you maintain a beautiful hair. You can also use wigs such as lace front wig, weaves and other hair accessories in styling your hair especially when there are occasions, parties, and events that you need to attend. Short wigs, long wigs, curly style of wigs, Remy hair, half wigs, braids, and ponytails will do wonder in adding beauty to your daily natural looks. You can also use weaves if you want to. Aside from that you can use different cosmetics for you to enhance your beautiful face, put some additional eyelashes along with pedicure and manicure.

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Hagstrom Guitars

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Guitar Center, electric viola

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