I should have listened and not reacted

There are times that I am easily affected with words of other people who cannot understand things or who wants to compare their lives with my life. I am also affected if they cannot understand my situation and they tend to compare things out. Plus, I was not feeling better for the past days. These will make my daily life negative. And so I try to search what are these things that bother me. I remembered some messages of a certain person that I put in my archived. After deleting it, I felt okay. I just hate her words coz as if I am just relying for the family in all things. So, what I did, since that person enumerates the gifts she gave away, I also enumerated mine. I should have not done that coz there’s no need for me to explain my life to her. Oh well, it’s all said and done but at least I erased her messages already and I feel lighter right now. Thanks God. I hope next time to calm down and to just listen to all people who want to share their stories.

Base guitar

Are you searching on where to buy base guitar online? If you are, then, try to visit musician’s friend. This online store has many base guitar brands to choose from. As for me, this is one of my favorite stores online. I just love their customer service. Now, speaking of which, I need to check on some musical instrument as I need to buy new base guitar and other stuff. See you there right now!?

Pooh bear

I do love cartoon shows now that I am a mother. I appreciate it so much as there are many good lessons (for both adults and kids). Watching cartoon shows every day will always make my day. My kids love these shows and so I must love all of these shows too.

Life is beautiful

Yes indeed! Life is still beautiful despite there are many hardships. With prayers and faith, there will be some sparkles and sunshine in the midst of uncertainties. Being awake every morning is itself a blessing to life. I am grateful for it. There are many things to be thankful for instead of whining on just some things. Sigh!

You are in charge

What is the connection of smiling with the absence of other people? Did they bring someone’s lips with they are far away? Well, you know a thought is just a thought, and anyone can always change a thought into positive if a person needs to smile and want to be happy. If a person cares for herself/himself, s/he can be happy and can smile anytime in any day s/he wants. Do not base your happiness with anyone or anything in the world because if you do you will just in up miserable. You are the only in charge of your own happiness.