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Remembering my working days

I was looking at cigars and cigarette commercials a while ago. And with it, I can remember during those times that I used to smoke just to keep me awake in my two jobs (two companies). That time was so tiring because I only have 4 hours of sleep. I was so thin that time because I was super stress with my call center work. So, in order for me to be awake for 16 hours, I need to smoke and at the same time I need to sip cups of coffee. Anyway, the cigars that I used to smoke before were helping me out to be awake during my working days.

Loving each other

Talking about love again, it says “love will conquer all things”. Yes it is! If all people will just give and share love to one another, I guess there will never be competition, bitterness, hatred and all negative things in the world. When everybody will love each other, I guess, all problems will be solved and all will live in peace and harmony.