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Convenience of Mobile technology

Mobile technology is quite simply fascinating. Our smart phones help keep us organized, promising personal assistants like Siri and Cortana, and can even tell us when our heart rate gets too high.

We now have virtual personal assistants in our home who can do everything from order pizza to playing our favorite music to setting a timer for dinner.

But, has all this technology really made our lives simpler? How has this mobile-movement affected our day to lives and is it really a positive? Is the ability to handle all things personal and professional via a smartphone or tablet our new best friend or angry foe?

In other words, are smartphones still making us dumb and insensitive? Is this constant connection to the internet helping or hindering us a species?

We no longer have to look at our phones to read texts or emails because now our watches sync directly with our phones and give us all the needed information. From business connecting to their consumers, to consumers getting through their daily activities, we seem to have lost that face-to-face contact we as human beings need to survive.

Students can now Google anything they need for a paper, exam, or project and while that is helpful, does that information actually stick? Business owners can mimick business plans with just one click, and parents can stalk their kids on every social media channel possible.

The thing with mobile technology is that we need to be safe and we need to teach safe practices, especially to our youth. Being mobile now means 24/7 access to things like Social Media which has caused a huge uprise in cyberbullying. While it is funny to laugh at someone’s expense, it does not need to be blasted all over Facebook.

The truth is, we needed this mobile movement in order to keep up with our fast-paced life. We just need to throw caution into the wind on how we use it, how often, and when.

Work, work, work

The saying is always right that when a person will work, God will bless the rest. So, I guess with that thing, I need to back working so hard in order for me to receive enough or even more blessings in life. With what I am doing these past days, I am just playing online games. So, the result, I got nothing at all! Hmmm, I’m going to push myself to make those things that will give me some hopes and blessings in the future!

Need to recharge

Oh my, my laptop battery right now is somewhat low. I need to transfer back to my table so that I can charge my machine. I am done with scanning and emailing the scanned papers to the teacher of my son and so I need to recharge my computer. Although, I still have at least 54minutes left. On the other hand, hmmm, will I wait until my machine will shut off or what? NEHHH!

What’s your choice?

So, with my previous posts, what will be your choices? Shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting? Or you will invest on dedicated server web hosting? Well, these are just few types of web hosting. There are more on these types of web hosting that are available on the net.

For me, what matters is the reliability of a web hosting company with its dependable customer support. Just like what I have with host monster and with blue host in which they are reliable when it comes to the uptime of my sites. And I love their polite customer service.

With my own web hosting, that thing is also reliable since the company that I was with also ranked good in the web hosting market. It’s just so sad that I let go of it for some financial reasons! But I will try to have one later in time when I will have enough funds to keep my small business going for years or even for a lifetime (this is one of my wishes).

Baby knows it well

I already have given my HP laptop to my baby long time ago so that he will enjoy the kiddy games and kiddy shows that he likes on the internet when he will be tired in watching shows on TV. But last night and today, he invades my desktop. Even if the kiddy sites are hidden in the additional book mark on the side toolbar, he knows how to show more bookmarks on the toolbar and then go down, and click the websites that I saved. Sigh! Anyway, this is one indication that he can ready. He can also slowly write letters and name it if he wants to. Sigh! Babies these days are so smart already compared to my time before wherein 3 years didn’t know anything! So happy for my son!

Peso-dollar xchange rate

Usually, when I will convert US dollar to Philippine peso, I will just use the Yahoo finance website. This is because yahoo finance has a current day and the current exchange rate. Anyway, this is the link that I am always visiting every time I want to know the current peso – dollar exchange rate:;to=PHP;amt=100.

For the sake of giving gifts

Since I don’t have enough funds to buy gifts for my loves, I choose to join Bill Me Later dot com. I purchased a new customized laptop for him and I am hoping that my application for bill me later will be approved. If in case it will be approved, my order will be built by March 1. It is kind of late for the v-day gift but it is better late than never. Hope my account will be okay soon.

I enjoy good customer support

This year my computer that is less than a year was damage last late January. I was so worried because all of my records were there. Since it was under warranty, my husband helped me in keeping in touch with the customer support of the company so that I can enjoy a free repair. It was good that the company accepted it and they sent a box with enough anti static foam. During that time, I was able to enjoy free shipping in sending it to their repair center. Gladly, I bought this brand because the customer support and the company itself had good services. Whenever I need to buy new computer, I will surely buy the same brand but it will be a higher specification so that I can test their new models of machines.

Core i5

I love my core i5 computer but I am longing to experience the fastness of core i7 or even the highest specifications of a computer. The next time that I will buy computers, I will make sure that I will buy the newest offered in the market. You know experience; no money can pay for it. Even if it will cost more but it does not matter at all. I hope I can have enough money to experience the things that I need.

Good old days

During the time that I was working, I observed that in the engineering department, there were many multiple monitor stand. Everything in that department was in order. All engineers had a great space whenever they need to work. Anyway, I learned few things in there since during graveyard shifts and there will be no engineer on duty, it will be the call center agent who will do some engineer work (mild fixing only). It was working in that company right after graduating in college (I graduated in October and I got that job by December of the same year. Moreover, the following year, like right after 6 months of working, I became one of the regular employees).

Hmmm, I am just reminiscing the good old days.