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Preparing lessons

As a mother who is doing home schooling, I need to prepare the lessons of my kid a day before. I need to do some over time for it. During the time that I feel drained and I do not have enough energy to prepare his lessons, I will just use the guide with the hope that my kid will appreciates me assisting him on his education and that he will do his thing mostly in writing during home schooling hours.

My 1st grader

Thank God, my 1st grader passed the homeschooling and he will be promoted into 2nd grade to the school year 2013-2014. I hope that he will do better than his 1st grade homeschooling. I am so proud of him because he’s so smart but then he just needs a little dedication for his education. I love my kid!

Done submitting the lessons of my kid

Thank goodness, I am able to finish scanning the lesson of my homeschooling kid and I am able to submit it today. At least I can relax the whole day and tomorrow before the week will start again for another homeschooling session. Studying at home is so easy and relaxing supposedly but when the kid refuses to do his part that will be the most stressful thing in life.

1st grade instead of K

I am so happy to receive a call today from the principal on where I enrolled my eldest kid for his supposedly “kindergarten” education for this year. When the principal spoke with me, she said that my kid will be on first grade instead of K because it’s the result of the evaluation. I reasoned out that his K education last year was not formal but the principal insisted that if I will enroll my kid in K, it will be like too boring for him as his knowledge already leveled up than the K. And so I am excited for this “public school at home” program that we have in CO Springs. Hope I can assist my kid with his education needs.


I was teaching my kid how to read the level A words for bigenners. When I reached the word pretty I showed it to him and I formed a sentence like this “pretty – for Mama is pretty”. Guess what? His face changed and he smiled and then laughed his heart out. LOL

Can read at 3 years old

Since I am a busy stay at home mother, most of the time, I will just have to let my baby play on his toys and on his own HP laptop. Then, one night, he’s shouting Chica. So, when I tried to check on him, he was coloring on that Chica cartoon character at Spout online dot com with the word CHICA. I asked him again to read the word and he’s proudly saying the same thing.

I can say that my baby is constant on his reading development at 3 years old. Though, he may be a bit slow but I will not force him to learn quick. I will just let him learn on his own whenever he wants to.