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Aquarian drum heads

There are times that when buying something, you have to consider the quality and you will not care about the prices. Though if the price is cheaper but the quality is good, then that will be an awesome thing to have. But there are times that you won’t care about the price for as long as the product is made with quality which is similar to these aquarian drum heads at I’ve know many musicians who loves this brand. Are you one of the persons who love Aquarian?

Love the show

I am now watching the Sharon. I’ve been a fan of her since the 80’s. In fact, the first movie that I watched with my aunt when I was young was the movie of Sharon. And, during my younger days, I will fight if I can hear some bad comments about her. So, funny but I just love her!

Super kilig love story of MelaSon

I love watching MelaSon for these past days. I will see to it that every morning, I will tune in the TV with TFC and wait for the buzzes of Miss Bianca. Whew! I can’t help it but laugh from the start of the MelaSon love story updates until the end. And when it’s over, I will have to keep on hoping that they will not change the schedule the next day so that I can still continue watching this super kilig love story of PBB double up.

McQueen Meon sign

This is a wire MEON sign in which my kid is using night and day from the time he asked of purchasing it. I assembled the wires based on the instructions and the photo available but I also added a new wire around the squares. The kid likes this one a lot.

I want an iPad

One of the gadgets that I want on or before my birthday is an iPad. I just love this thing so much. If ever I will buy this or someone will buy this thing for me, probably, I will be getting an ipad warranty so that I will have a security whenever I need to have some replacement or problems with my gadget. Whew, I can’t wait to hold and use this new craze thing in the high tech world!

Want to have Branson vacation with my family

It’s summer once again and I want to have a Branson vacation. I want to enjoy the outside world and see new places! It’s been several years now that I am just stocked in the house doing chores! I want new adventures and new travels. I want to spend life with my family right now! How I wish I can bring everybody in Branson and enjoy the beauty of this place even just for few days!

Wii in the house

I have read that wii is a game for all ages. So, I’ve asked my husband that he will buy one for the little kiddo. So, finally, the little kiddo has his wii now. And he loves to play with super Mario. But he still can’t figure out how the remote will work because he wants to use it up instead of holding it the way it should be when playing with super Mario.

Need to replace the cushions

Since months past so quickly and I didn’t have much time in taking care of the things outside the house, the furniture that I have outside needs patio furniture cushions. So sad that I wasn’t able to wrap those things in preparation for this 2010 spring and summer days. Oh well, I can’t do anything about it except to replace it with the cushions which will be nicer compared to what I used in there. And it is so nice to enjoy the beauty outside now that the weather is so nice! Wish all days of the year will be like this!

I miss my fave CD

I can’t find my sing-a-long karaoke CD of the Christian – Gospel songs that I had for around 6 years now. Where did I put that thing? I really can’t find it and I can’t buy anything like this in here. I hope I can find this CD today or maybe tomorrow. I miss it, REALLY!


While the baby is enjoying and entertaining himself on his favorite shows, he is also nibbling on his favorite fruit – the watermelon. Anyway, he is not asking for anything right now because he is engrossed with the shows. Sigh! It is like he is the only person in the house enjoying cool cartoon shows.