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I did it again this year

Yes I did it! I donated something for my favorite non-profit FM station here in our place. I love this station since it’s airing Christian – Gospel songs. It will be my own small way of spreading the word of God through their God centered station. It’s just so nice to share. And hope I can send something for them in the coming months!

For the sake of giving gifts

Since I don’t have enough funds to buy gifts for my loves, I choose to join Bill Me Later dot com. I purchased a new customized laptop for him and I am hoping that my application for bill me later will be approved. If in case it will be approved, my order will be built by March 1. It is kind of late for the v-day gift but it is better late than never. Hope my account will be okay soon.

This will be first ever package for them

My dear bro is asking me that if possible he wants me to buy inexpensive wrestling shoes of just any brand. He says that he’s not fussy with any footwear for as long as it’s this type of shoes. And I think I will give him Adidas ADISTAR Wrestling Shoes. Surely, he will love this. Another thing that I will be sending for my family is any of these Cole haan braelyn boots. I am sure my sissy and my favorite aunt will be happy with these. And for my mother, I will give her this Cole haan lady shoes as she loves wearing flat shoes all the time. For my father, it will be the same brand as my bro since he says that he loves shoes that have three diagonals on it.

So, right at this minute, I am searching for an online store on where I can buy these shoes in cheap prices. Hope I can also enjoy free shipping and other discounts. Whenever I can send these things, it will be my first ever package sent for them. Hope I can find a good carrier on this. And oh, I also need to buy a big balikbayan box so that all things that I will be sending will fit in there.

Rewards cards = great gift items

One of the best gifts for this Christmas holiday is any of the available reward cards. And it should be with enough loads so that the one who will receive it can use it in any purchases possible. Giving rewards cards with not enough funds is kind of not sufficient.

And so when I will give rewards cards to my friends and families, it should be with ample funds with it so that they can purchase it in any way they want to. But there is one thing that I am hoping and that is to have enough money to buy rewards cards. I just find these rewards cards great gift items compared to buying goodies ‘coz I am not sure if the one who will receive my gifts will like the things that I will give. But with the rewards cards, they can easily swipe it at any of their favorite stores in buying the things that they want/need.

I want an iPad

One of the gadgets that I want on or before my birthday is an iPad. I just love this thing so much. If ever I will buy this or someone will buy this thing for me, probably, I will be getting an ipad warranty so that I will have a security whenever I need to have some replacement or problems with my gadget. Whew, I can’t wait to hold and use this new craze thing in the high tech world!

Want to have Branson vacation with my family

It’s summer once again and I want to have a Branson vacation. I want to enjoy the outside world and see new places! It’s been several years now that I am just stocked in the house doing chores! I want new adventures and new travels. I want to spend life with my family right now! How I wish I can bring everybody in Branson and enjoy the beauty of this place even just for few days!

A box full of surprises

With the box that I will be sending to my family, for sure, I will enclose vitamin for my mama, papa, and my brother. Along with it, I’m going to buy RC toy, shoes, new clothes, and other stuff that will make them happy. I will make sure that it will reach at their place immediately. I just can’t wait to send this box for them. I know it will be a big joy for them that for the first time, I will be sending a box containing some surprising stuff.

Little extras

When I was single, I was so conscious with the way I look. In fact, I wanted to learn more about how to look pretty, dress up nicely, and everything that will make me look pleasing. But sad to say that during those times, I didn’t have enough finances to buy all the things that I want. It’s good thing right now, I already have a little spare money to buy those things that I want to own in order for me to look pretty, sexy, and beautiful!

My deal with him

I am having a hard time giving some entertainment for my son. He is tired of playing with his toys. He is also tired with playing games on his laptop and other things. With this, I am thinking that xbox 360 is good for him. I told him about this and he jump with excitement. But I told him to be good in order to get his prize. If he will not be good, then I will not buy this game for him. Anyway, so far, he is behaving but I am hoping that when he will have his Xbox, he will still behave or else I will not let him play with it! And it’s my deal with him!

Hope he will like this thing

Many times we went to a nearby store and asked if they still have some available wii games. But sad to know that they didn’t have any available stock! So, the answer for it is for me to place my online order of wii. I just need these for my baby since this is one game that is good for any age. I am hoping my baby boy will like it. Hope also that he will not be tired in playing any wii games not like the computer games wherein I am having a hard time looking for new fun games since he will get tired easily of those online games that he already played. Sigh!