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Congrats to Melanin Goddess – Khoudia Diop

What is wrong with people bullying others because of their looks? Why are they so concerned with physical appearance? We are all the same as we have mind, body and soul from the God that we believed in. We are here on earth to work with what God wants us to do for other people and not bully or discriminate others. Anyway, about bullying, look at this girl who is now a model after being bulled many times because of having dark skin. You bullies, who’s laughing now? God will always lift up those who’s being dragged and put down by imperfect human beings. Congratulations to Khoudia Diop – the melanin goddess. Girl you are beautiful inside and out! God made you so!

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Stay fit, healthy, and beautiful all the time!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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Tummy is full again

WOHOOO! My tummy is full again. I just ate two packs of baked apple pie from Mc Do. So, glad that husband bought these things early this morning during the time he purchased breakfast for the family. Now, I feel bloated again. Hmmm, should I take my laxative in order to feel better again? He-he-he!

Inspiration in losing weight

For those who want to lose weight, this is such an inspiration for you. Check it at yahoo just in case you did not see this one yet – This man loose 130lbs which is very amazing. I too need an inspiration like this because I need to trim down at least 20-30lbs this year. I know I can to it and you can too. Now, let’s do it. If this man can, then, we can trim down our weight too.

I need to buy dead sea mud

I bet buying and using the dead sea mud will help me have a clear skin mostly on my face, arms and legs. These areas of my body need to be taken care of for some reasons. With this, I am going to find on where I can buy affordable dead sea mud so that I can easily apply it whenever I need to. I just need to stay sexy and beautiful despite that I am almost 40 years old (in few years to come).


One of the most unforgettable days

I’ve just finished with my surgery yesterday afternoon. But before that I was required to be in the hospital at around 9am for some laboratories. Since I rode a taxi earlier, I arrived at the outpatient surgery before 9am. Then, after that I called up my friend and talked to her in my native language in which everybody was looking at me (he-he). Anyway, when it’s my turn, the nurse called me up and asked me to leave a sample of my urine and so I did. After that she accompanied me to my small room so that I can wait for my doctor. I was in there before 9am and she arrived passed 11am which was just fine because I was able to sleep a little. After that, the nurse who served me prepared all the papers and then when everything was done, I was transported to the operating room. I was amazed with everything in there. It’s a bright room with all fluorescent lamps and equipped with high tech apparatus and all. When I was on the operating table, I was just awake for few minutes and then I passed out when the anesthesiologist administered the general anesthesia in which he said that he will put a breathing apparatus after he will do the GA. The surgery procedure was less than an hour but I was asleep at the first recovery room for I guess more than 2 hours. After I was feeling a bit okay, I was transported to the first room in which they said it was also the 2nd recovery room to consume all of my IVTT. In there, the nurse asked me if I wanted to eat something or drink. So, I told her that I want some cracker and a hot water. When the nurse got back in the room, she brought some crackers and hot water. I just ate a piece and drink all the hot water since I believed that hot water will help me feel better compared to cold drinks with ice in it. After the first cup of hot water, I asked for another two cups. I was feeling relieved despite of the two wounds that I had. After everything was okay, and when my husband called me up to fetch me, it’s then the transport in charge sent me to the exit door so that I can go home. Before going home, I asked that if possible, I will buy some medicines to relieve my pain. And that was one of the unforgettable days of my life.

Exercising every day will help a person to be healthy

“The talk of the fitness town is the wii zumba. They say that this will help a lot with staying fit, slim, and healthy. A person who will exercise using Zumba will surely sweat a lot and would surely be slim in no time.” These words were from my close friend who had zumba as her means of her daily exercise. True enough, she loses some weight and she’s so fit and healthy. She’s even encouraging me to buy and try this one because she knew that I need a great help with gaining back my slim body right after giving birth this year. Hmmm, oh well, there’s no harm in trying out. One thing I know is that exercising every day will help a person to be healthy.

Using my yoga mats in any ways I want and need to

My yoga mat is not only for yoga but I can also use this in any other purpose that I need and want to. I just love this one because the color is pink. Since I love this brand of yoga mat, I also bought the violet one. I am just switching this from time to time in which it will depend on my mood. Funny, sometimes, I will have to spread these two yoga mats together and I will make it as my mat for sleeping in any time I like to sleep on the floor. See, how yoga mats work for me?

Tylenol pm

It says Tylenol pm is safe for pregnant women and so my husband bought one bottle last night.  I opted not to take 1 coz I was afraid that it might hurt my baby, but then, I just tried one tab.  But it didn’t help me coz it’s just one. I was not having enough sleep again.  So, tonight, I will try at least 2 and I will see if I will have enough sleep in preparation for my baby girl to be out.  Hope this Tylenol pm is just fine as what most reviews stated that it is category B and it has been tested that this is safe for pregnant people.

Committed with my dieting again

Guess what! I just finished reading What’s the effect with reading this site? Well, I am encouraged again with having my weight loss in a coherent way. I’m doing this thing because my husband called me a bean because I am petite and so fat. With all of those hurting words, I’m going to make it a point that I will be committed with my diet life once again!