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How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

If you live in an older home, you might have popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings were popular in homes built between 1950 and 1980 and are characterized by a highly textured surface. Builders chose this textured look because it helped hide imperfections and also provided some sound insulation. Popcorn ceilings fell from popularity when it was discovered that the asbestos fibers common to most applications could be hazardous to your health. These days, many people end up removing popcorn ceilings, both out of concern for their health and because they feel the texture is dated. If you have a popcorn ceiling to remove, here are a couple tips.

Plan and Prepare

The first thing you need to figure out is if your popcorn ceiling has asbestos fibers in it. Hire a professional to come inspect your ceiling. If traces of asbestos are found, it’s best to hire a company to do the work for you. If there isn’t any asbestos, you can safely do the work yourself. Once this is determined, it’s time to prepare your space. Clear the room of furniture and seal it off by draping plastic from ceiling to floor around the entire room. Protect your flooring by covering it with a drop cloth. This work can get messy, so it’s a good idea to make it as easy to clean up as possible.


Spray and Scrape

Now for the fun part. Using a garden sprayer, wet down your ceiling to soften the ceiling texture and break down the adhesive. Let the water soak into the ceiling for about ten minutes. Once it’s had a chance to soak in a bit, use a ceiling texture scraper to remove the popcorn texture. It might be helpful to use a smaller putty knife to work in the corners of the room. Once the texture has been removed, take down the plastic sheets, roll up the drape cloth, and clean the area. Now that you no longer have a popcorn ceiling to remove, you can now enjoy the look of your updated space.

The Many Uses of Propane

Propane is a popular gas to have around because it has many beneficial uses. If you think that you will ever need propane for one of these things, look into buying San Diego propane when it is cheapest and easiest. Storing it is easy and it is nice to have the propane there when you need it most so that you do not have to go out and buy it at a last moment’s notice.

The Uses of Propane

Propane can be used as fuel in replacement of wood, coal, or other fuels. It is often used to power small items such as camping stoves and barbeques, and is even used in newer fireplaces. Propane can fuel generators when the power goes out in a home. It is used as a traveling fuel because it is so light and is very powerful in providing good fuel for a long time. It is great for providing heat that can be taken anywhere, because many portable heaters use propane. Many industries use propane for their work. These industries include farms, glass makers, and in grain dryers.

Propane can even be used to fuel some vehicles. The vehicle must be able to take propane as a fuel option; do not try to do this with a car if you usually use gasoline and are not sure whether your car would take propane. These vehicles are typically the newer ones that have been made to take the special gas. Propane is also used in refrigeration – where it can keep things warm, it can also keep things cool. This is especially helpful in locations where using electricity to fuel a fridge is not an option.

Storing Propane

If you plan to have San Diego propane around your home, you need to know how to store it properly. It should be kept in a dark, cool place so that the gas will not expand. It should be kept far away from the home – so that in case there is an explosion, it will not injure anyone or cause damage to other important assets. Try to keep it off the ground; on a shelf is best.

Professional Pest Control Vs. Do It Yourself

Everybody spills some sugar-laden treat on their floor from time to time. The ants come marching through the cracks in your walls to retrieve the sugary goodness. Most of the time the ants go away and everything goes back to normal. Sometimes the ants decide that your home would be a great place to start a new colony. Luckily there are companies that provide pest control in St. Charles. Don’t let a large group of invertebrates scare you. The experts have been dealing with insect infestations and worse problems for a long time. One question remains. Should you handle the job by yourself or call the exterminator?

Is Pest Control Worth It?

Consider the long term effects whatever inhabits your home will cause. It is highly likely that the short term cost of hiring an exterminator will cost less than repairing the damage long term infestation will cause to your home. If this is the case, you should definitely hire an exterminator. You might think that you can do the job yourself. True, exterminators use chemicals available for purchase at any hardware store. However, they have the experience, knowledge, and skill required to use those chemicals safely. Most chemicals that the experts use are more powerful than the generic store bought versions. This can protect your home from future invasion longer than doing the job by yourself.

Know Your Enemy and Know Victory

Knowing your enemy is a crucial step towards victory. Do you know the difference between two species of ants? Can you tell the differences between wasps and hornets? Chances are your knowledge of etymology is limited to what you learned in high school biology class. A professional exterminator will know exactly what species are invading your home. This knowledge and experience can help get rid of those invasive critters much faster. If you have ants and you go to the store for ant poison you may be disappointed with your results. Some species of ants are attracted to protein more than sugar. Also, professionals have protective gear. Without the proper gear, you are likely to be bitten or stung! Companies that offer pest control in St. Charles can keep you safe and help you with any infestation problem.

Bathroom vanity

When there are times that I will have the chance of cleaning my bathroom, I will see to it that everything will be neat. I want to make the tiles, the tub, and the bathroom sink, the shiniest of all.

Anyway, there is one thing that I need to do and that is for me to have this 36″ bathroom vanity so that I can replace my cracking bathroom sink with cabinet. This thing cracked because I used to let my kids sit on it and now I need to replace this before it will totally be broken. And what I love most is any of the “Fairmont designs” in which I am hoping to find a good deal with free shipping on this thing.

I love the triple bowls

Of all the undermount stainless steel sinks, what I want and what I love is the “triple bowls”. Why? It is because I have a center sink in which I can easily place my spoon and fork along with other small dishes. And I always choose the stainless one because for me, it will always last even for a lifetime. It is rust free and of course it is easy to clean every after dish washing time. As always, I can even save lots of liquid for the dishwasher because I always love using my stainless steel sink. There is no such thing when all dishes are hand wash. It is always much cleaner when every dish used is manually washed!

Need to replace the cushions

Since months past so quickly and I didn’t have much time in taking care of the things outside the house, the furniture that I have outside needs patio furniture cushions. So sad that I wasn’t able to wrap those things in preparation for this 2010 spring and summer days. Oh well, I can’t do anything about it except to replace it with the cushions which will be nicer compared to what I used in there. And it is so nice to enjoy the beauty outside now that the weather is so nice! Wish all days of the year will be like this!

Just arranging things

I still have lots of things to arrange in the kitchen since I put all of the things I have in the living room (in there). That place right now is like a stock place wherein books, shoes, cartoons, CDs and all other things are stocked on and under the table. Whew! Anyway, hope I can find the right place for each and all things in there.

Need more things for house completion

My family will soon transfer in the house that sister and I bought. But this place is not ready for occupancy yet. It needs more things for completion. So, with this, they said that they need to buy discount faucets, tiles, paints, and so many other things in order for them to have a comfy home. Anyway, this new place is not that big. It’s just a small house but it is fine as long as there is ample supply of water and I guess it all that matters. At least, my parents and siblings will not be waking up early dawn just to fetch clean water at the well.