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Due to the busyness of my life, sometimes, I will forget to laugh. And I will just surprise that when I will see my face on the mirror, it seems that it’s not me anymore! With that, to help me have my laughter again, I need to watch good shows. Most of all, I need to be with my baby, play with him, laugh with him, and show the childlike in me!

Baby knows it well

I already have given my HP laptop to my baby long time ago so that he will enjoy the kiddy games and kiddy shows that he likes on the internet when he will be tired in watching shows on TV. But last night and today, he invades my desktop. Even if the kiddy sites are hidden in the additional book mark on the side toolbar, he knows how to show more bookmarks on the toolbar and then go down, and click the websites that I saved. Sigh! Anyway, this is one indication that he can ready. He can also slowly write letters and name it if he wants to. Sigh! Babies these days are so smart already compared to my time before wherein 3 years didn’t know anything! So happy for my son!

Not behaving

As usual, my baby wasn’t behaving in the mall today. He’s having a hair cut with his dad but when they’re done, he wanted to play on the summer display section. We’re having a hard time going home since he wanted to stay under the tents. Until I was exhausted and forced him get out from the mall so that we can ride and go home. Sigh! Hope when baby will grow bigger he will learn how to behave whenever we will be out!

My pal violet

A toy for my baby girl but it is my eldest kid who is playing with this “my pal violet”. I set the name of this toy into the name of the girl but then my five year old kid will say “Angelica?” whenever he will play with any of the songs. Especially, when this toy will say “I love you Angelica”, my big kid will say the name of his sister with question mark over and over again. (he-he)

Reading it

While I did my best to clean the yard today, I happened to see a brochure. When I picked it up, I’ve noticed that it’s all about phentramine. With my curiosity, I read it cover to cover. I’ve discovered that this thing is an appetite suppressant. Upon discovering it, I thought why not try it in order for me to have an additional weight loss supplement so that I can trim down my weight in no time at all.

Wii in the house

I have read that wii is a game for all ages. So, I’ve asked my husband that he will buy one for the little kiddo. So, finally, the little kiddo has his wii now. And he loves to play with super Mario. But he still can’t figure out how the remote will work because he wants to use it up instead of holding it the way it should be when playing with super Mario.


While the baby is enjoying and entertaining himself on his favorite shows, he is also nibbling on his favorite fruit – the watermelon. Anyway, he is not asking for anything right now because he is engrossed with the shows. Sigh! It is like he is the only person in the house enjoying cool cartoon shows.

My deal with him

I am having a hard time giving some entertainment for my son. He is tired of playing with his toys. He is also tired with playing games on his laptop and other things. With this, I am thinking that xbox 360 is good for him. I told him about this and he jump with excitement. But I told him to be good in order to get his prize. If he will not be good, then I will not buy this game for him. Anyway, so far, he is behaving but I am hoping that when he will have his Xbox, he will still behave or else I will not let him play with it! And it’s my deal with him!

Hope he will like this thing

Many times we went to a nearby store and asked if they still have some available wii games. But sad to know that they didn’t have any available stock! So, the answer for it is for me to place my online order of wii. I just need these for my baby since this is one game that is good for any age. I am hoping my baby boy will like it. Hope also that he will not be tired in playing any wii games not like the computer games wherein I am having a hard time looking for new fun games since he will get tired easily of those online games that he already played. Sigh!

Somehow it molded me positively

Wish I know my destiny! Wish I know what my life will be when I was younger. I should have done my best with my younger years so as for me to be successful in my older days (mostly in my studies). But I can’t turn back the time! Anyway, it doesn’t matter since I learned from my mistakes and that molded me positively now that I am old! Somehow, I can share these to my baby so that he will be good in life and he will never regret anything when he will grow bigger.