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Work, work, work

The saying is always right that when a person will work, God will bless the rest. So, I guess with that thing, I need to back working so hard in order for me to receive enough or even more blessings in life. With what I am doing these past days, I am just playing online games. So, the result, I got nothing at all! Hmmm, I’m going to push myself to make those things that will give me some hopes and blessings in the future!

Doing the best things

With my last post of me having confusions, I guess most of you will say, I HAVE MY PURPOSE. Well, no choice but I guess, that’s the main thing of why I am still alive. And right now, I am trying to accomplish my purpose here on here of helping my own family and my family in Ph. This is in preparation that when God will call me to a home I deserve in another life, at least, I did my job here the best that I can!

Hope to learn more

Sometimes, I can say that I don’t understand myself. There are times in which I feel like it’s not me. And these will be the times of my anger and hatred with none sense things. I guess this is the result of me not having enough patience in life. I need to be patience and do things at time! Hope I will learn more!


Due to the busyness of my life, sometimes, I will forget to laugh. And I will just surprise that when I will see my face on the mirror, it seems that it’s not me anymore! With that, to help me have my laughter again, I need to watch good shows. Most of all, I need to be with my baby, play with him, laugh with him, and show the childlike in me!

Waiting for blessings

No wonder this is not being given a blessing – not even one – and this is because, I am not consistent with making my articles. Sigh! With all the things that I have done in neglecting the things that I need to make, I am still full of hope that one of the coming days or even next year, I will be blessed in here!

Being guided

It’s so nice to think positive all the time. But as a human being, I am having a hard time doing that. There are lots of negative things that I am always thinking. With prayers, all these negative things will slowly fade away from my mind. And I am thankful that God has been guiding me all throughout my life even how sinful I maybe!

I need to

I am always looking at this noon time show that has a host who’s so kind to those people who deserve such kindness. Looking at this person makes me thing that what if God is like that. Oh don’t think that I’m thinking this person is a God. I am just thinking that what if God is like that who will give blessings to those people with talents and to those people who deserves it! So, I said to myself, I need to work and work in order for me to receive lots of blessings not for myself but for my family. And if I will work, I know He is looking at me and I am sure, He will bless those things that I am working with!


Why in this world there are people who are poor, average, and rich? Can you give me an answer? Is being poor it’s because of not making too much effort in life? Anyway, I came from a poor family and that’s a hard thing to have. But even if we’re poor, we never asked a meal from our neighbors. Instead, we just cultivated some crops from our kaingin, cook it and made it our meal. But why there are poor people on earth?

Need to work hard

When I was 18 years old, I didn’t have choice but to work as a house maid at my aunt’s place. I needed to take care of her two daughters, clean the house, laundry by hand, and I cook for them. And working with them for around 2 months, I just earned 1,500 pesos. I’ve decided to do it so that I would be having money for my college down payment fee – first semester. It’s so hard to be poor as I need to work hard!

Just forgetting it

Sometimes, it is so difficult to change impressions to those things that I don’t like. Oftentimes, these things bother me a lot. Since I can’t do anything about it and I can’t change it either, so the best thing that I must do is just to forget it as if it didn’t exist. In this way, at least, I can live happy and peaceful.