I should have listened and not reacted

There are times that I am easily affected with words of other people who cannot understand things or who wants to compare their lives with my life. I am also affected if they cannot understand my situation and they tend to compare things out. Plus, I was not feeling better for the past days. These will make my daily life negative. And so I try to search what are these things that bother me. I remembered some messages of a certain person that I put in my archived. After deleting it, I felt okay. I just hate her words coz as if I am just relying for the family in all things. So, what I did, since that person enumerates the gifts she gave away, I also enumerated mine. I should have not done that coz there’s no need for me to explain my life to her. Oh well, it’s all said and done but at least I erased her messages already and I feel lighter right now. Thanks God. I hope next time to calm down and to just listen to all people who want to share their stories.