Base guitar

Are you searching on where to buy base guitar online? If you are, then, try to visit musician’s friend. This online store has many base guitar brands to choose from. As for me, this is one of my favorite stores online. I just love their customer service. Now, speaking of which, I need to check on some musical instrument as I need to buy new base guitar and other stuff. See you there right now!?

Pooh bear

I do love cartoon shows now that I am a mother. I appreciate it so much as there are many good lessons (for both adults and kids). Watching cartoon shows every day will always make my day. My kids love these shows and so I must love all of these shows too.

Life is beautiful

Yes indeed! Life is still beautiful despite there are many hardships. With prayers and faith, there will be some sparkles and sunshine in the midst of uncertainties. Being awake every morning is itself a blessing to life. I am grateful for it. There are many things to be thankful for instead of whining on just some things. Sigh!

You are in charge

What is the connection of smiling with the absence of other people? Did they bring someone’s lips with they are far away? Well, you know a thought is just a thought, and anyone can always change a thought into positive if a person needs to smile and want to be happy. If a person cares for herself/himself, s/he can be happy and can smile anytime in any day s/he wants. Do not base your happiness with anyone or anything in the world because if you do you will just in up miserable. You are the only in charge of your own happiness.

Green caterpillar

I do love caterpillars especially this kind. The skin of this one was smooth and this was not scary at all. Anyway, I tried to feed this one in a big plastic bottle but then I just let it go and I did not know if it turned into a butterfly or the birds ate it.

Love each other

“Love each other or perish,” I won’t forget this line from the book Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom. I just finished reading the book last night and I really shed my tears on it. I was so touched with the golden thoughts the professor-Morrie shared with his student-Mitch when he was almost dying on his deathbed. Read the rest of this entry »

iLok software license authorization manager that can hold more than 500 software

Do you need a software license authorization manager? Do you have some brand in mind right now? Have you heard about ilok brand? iLok brand especially the iLok 2 has small design in which you can easily use it. This thing has an ilok manager that can hold more than 500 software and this has tougher built with lustrous pattern. This thing is adorable. Do you want to buy it right now?

Electric Violin

I do appreciate people who know how to play violins. I said to myself that one of these days, I will learn how to play this beautiful music instrument. The thing that I like most is any of these electric violins. One particular violin that I like most is this Bridge Aquila Series 4-String Electric Violin. I searched for reviews and I loved what I’ve read. The thing that I like with the reviews that I’ve read was the ‘quality craftsmanship’. I really got to have this violin pretty soon.

Guitar center store hours

Guitar center is a good place to buy just any musical instrument that you can think about. When you will search it online, you will find out that it is the ‘world’s largest musical instrument retailer’. But what time does guitar center close? Here in my place in the Springs it will open 10am to 9pm Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 8pm Saturdays and 11am to 7pm on Sundays. In this store, you can find different brands of guitars, bass, drums, amps, and many more. When you are planning to buy any music instrument, try to visit them online or check them at the stores near your place.

Beginner’s Piano

When I enrolled my son in a piano school, I’ve decided to buy a beginners piano for him so that he can easily practice at home. Also, it will be a chance for him to mingle with other kids as I homeschooled him. Anyway, he learned from those short lessons but it seems that he’s too young that time. The beginner’s piano that I gave him still in service until now and sometimes he will play with it. It’s a nice brand that’s why it lasted for a long time.